Sami Stevens

And I'm Right - available now on vinyl


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Sami Stevens combines jazz sensibilities and singer-songwriter restraint with a small string ensemble to craft an intimate little world of intertwining melodies. The Melting EP is a seven song invitation into the diaries of the artist, weaving through darkness, understated humor, optimism and the complexities of love.

The Melting EP was written and arranged by Sami for drums, upright bass, cello, viola, and voice, and produced by John Gilbert of Somerbridge Music. This music was first performed in the spring of 2014, and recorded, mixed and mastered in following months by Joe Stewart at Dimension Sound Studio.


The Melting EP can now be heard on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, NoiseTrade or Soundcloud.

To most effectively support Sami's music, the Melting EP can be purchased in physical form.


Performing on Melting, When You Said I, and I Should Love You
Robin Baytas- Percussion
Henry Fraser- Bass
Daniel Parker- Cello
Ali Simpson- Viola
Kazemde George- Tenor Sax

Performing on Snowing in Brooklyn, Little Finger, You Don't Listen, and Tell Me A Secret
Tom Arey- Percussion
Jessee Williams- Bass
Bill Rounds- Cello
Susan Culpo- Viola