"Instead of making you feel like an archivist poring over film footage and academic texts written by grad students, the music's crisp production feels very much anchored in the moment, which only accentuates the music’s springy good-time bounce" -Pitchfork

"sexy, mysterious, mod-à-go-go romps through pop's eccentric European past" -Rolling Stone 

"Tredici Bacci’s forthcoming début, “Amore per Tutti,” includes sultry ballads with feathery harmonies, up-tempo tunes with aggressive bass lines, and a snarled guest vocal, delivered by the downtown scum-rock legend J. G. Thirlwell, on the record’s most addictive cut, “Give Him the Gun.” -the New Yorker


"Baby Blue from Sami Stevens and the Man I Love is the tenderness you need today." -Stereofox

"You’ll be transported out of time and space itself before being deposited somewhere else entirely" - Tiny Mix Tapes


“And I’m Right” has the mark of maturity and that’s a rare thing to find these days...the lyrics often impress as well with “She Is God” and “Child They Said Was Mine” mixing together Phoebe Snow style lyrical intelligence with a concise emotional impact." -Bluesbunny

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"Sami Stevens combines jazz sensibilities and singer-songwriter restraint with a small string ensemble to craft an intimate little world of intertwining melodies. The Melting EP is an invitation into her diaries- weaving through darkness, understated humor, optimism and the complexities of love." -Paste

"A savvy vocalist who brings an improvisation-laced sensibility to R&B and infuses jazz standards with soul." - Andrew Gilbert for Berkeleyside


"You must accept that you will fail over and over. Be like a monk of failure. Seek out situations in which there is a high likelihood that you will fail." -Sami in an interview with Broadtube by Kolade Olamide 

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"jazz chops and great pipes" -Rob Caldwell


"If you like Haitus Kaiyote, new wave jazz, and a sexy EP for sexy summer nights, check out The Melting EP by Sami Stevens" - Skull and Bones Blog

"In the final analysis, all music, regardless of genre, relies on passion for power and Sami Stevens and her cohorts manage an entirely convincing demonstration of the very thing that makes all our hearts beat a little faster. She is an intelligent performer not afraid to push herself out of the safety zone and I am sure that more will be heard from her." -Bluesbunny, on the Melting EP

"To see Sami Stevens perform onstage is to experience a symphonic melding of jazz, funk and soul. Supported by a sultry, resonant voice, her style transcends genre categories and delights with surprises" -RoomZoom

"Tredici Bacci's vocalist has one of the most thankless lead singing jobs" -the Deli 

"If you peer underneath the surface, you find a precise, tight rock machine, arranged with an ear for subtle differences in texture. "Bridge in Colors" balances chaos with structure." -On the Listen

"Her rendition of "The Shadow of Your Smile was as beautiful as I have ever heard it" -the Cape Cod Times